How are the Sectional Appendix Updated?

Every 3 months (March, June, September & December) Network Rail send us the supplements and these get printed and supplied with the books. So books are kept up to date.

Who is Responsible for Group Standards?

Who supplies Company Standards which Network Rail are responsible for?
IHS (Formerly Technical Index) 01344 861666

What modules do I need?
The contractor who is asking you to do the work or RSSB should be able to help with this, there is a selector sheet available.

Where do I get sectional appendix?
Willsons do supply all hard copies of the 7 different areas.

If I order a quantity of 2 do I get 2 or 20 Keypoint books or Log books?
You would get 20 as the Key Points and Log books are packed in units of 10.

When I have placed an order when will the money come off my credit card?
Payment is taken from the credit card when the order is placed.

When will I get delivery of the goods?
We will endeavour to deliver goods within 7 - 14 days, there may be periods during the year when we are busier than usual ie Rule book updates, so during these times this could be longer.